Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Decorative Image

Root canal therapy helps to preserve your natural teeth with infected or inflamed pulp tissue. Root canal treatments are typically recommended for patients whose teeth have deep decay that has reached the pulp or whose teeth have experienced a severe injury or have been dislocated.

What to Expect

During this procedure, the crown of the tooth is opened, allowing the doctor to access the root canal. The pulp tissue in the infected root canal is removed and the canals cleaned. A series of files is used to remove any remaining tissue, to slightly enlarge the canals, and then to smooth the walls of the canals. Once any infection has completely cleared up, which could take a few days or longer, the root canals are sealed to prevent bacteria or debris from re-entering the canals and causing further infection.

Once the root canal treatment is complete, a temporary filling or crown is immediately placed to protect the treated area. You may need to make a follow up appointment with one of our cosmetic and restorative dentists to have a permanent crown or filling placed to restore full function of the tooth.